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Matching Our Old Floorboards

About Me

We have some beautiful old hardwood flooring through the front of the house, but the flooring in the back rooms is in much worse condition. We would like to get as close as possible a colour and texture match with the flooring, so we are looking at a range of options to see what might be the best option. We have a limited budget, but it looks like we can get some beautiful flooring for affordable prices. This blog is all about the options for matching hardwood flooring in your home and will be useful for homeowners looking to do some repairs.

A Guide To Transforming Old Wooden Flooring

Tatty old wooden floorboards can be transformed into a thing of beauty by carrying out a simple project over a couple of days.  You’ll need a few basic building materials and tools that you can obtain from a good DIY store or local supplier, together with...