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4 Thing You Need to Look For When Picking Out Carpeting for Seniors

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Carpeting retains warmth well and provides ample cushioning, so it's usually seen as a great flooring choice for seniors. Of course, there are always a few ways you can improve its practicality and comfort for older people.

Here are just four ways to do so.

1. Use Padding

Though carpeting is already softer and better able to retain heat than many other flooring choices, such as tile or laminate, you can double down on those advantages by choosing padded carpets. These will provide an insulating layer to keep the surface of the carpet as warm as possible, which can prevent seniors from suffering from cold-triggered conditions. The padding will also provide an additional degree of support in case a fall takes place.

2. Go with a Low Pile Option

One of the prime considerations you're going to have to make when picking out a type of carpet is how deep the pile should be. When you're choosing carpeting for seniors, it makes sense to go with a low pile option. Most importantly, thicker, deeper piles are easier to trip on, especially when you aren't quite as mobile as you used to be. Low pile carpeting will also be easier to use with walkers or wheelchairs, and it is easier to clean since dirt and dust is more easily trapped in deep pile carpets. Seniors often have a harder time cleaning, so you need to pick flooring that accommodates this issue.

3. Pick a Wool Carpet

The material your carpet is made from will be another important consideration. Though each material comes with its own benefits, wool can be considered the most advantageous option for seniors. Wool is an extremely soft material that is hard to stain; it is also flame-resistant, and will usually last a lot longer than other carpeting, meaning you won't have to go through the inconvenience of replacing it in a few years' time. Seniors can be particularly stressed out by extensive home repairs, so you want the carpeting you choose to last as long as possible.

4. Use Rolled Carpet Instead of Carpet Tiles

Finally, make sure you use rolled carpet instead of putting down individual carpet tiles. Some people prefer tiles since a stain on one will only necessitate the changing of that one tile. However, certain tiles can raise up a little, and the exposed edges will present tripping hazards. If any stains do occur, you can simply cover the area up with something else.