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Crimes Against Flooring? 2 Removable Options For Covering Up Horrible Flooring In Your Rental Property

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The rental market in Australia is a competitive one, especially if you're looking for an affordable property in a major urban area. Unfortunately, this often means that you have to live in a property that has less than attractive flooring. Ugly and stained carpets, dated and garish tiles and lurid linoleum straight out of the '70s are all crimes against flooring which you may encounter in one or all of your rental property's rooms.

In the past, you had no other option except for accepting the dismal state of your floors. Fortunately, there are two modern, removable flooring options available, which will have your rental property's floors looking stylish and fresh in no time.

Loose-lay vinyl tiles

Vinyl has come a long way since the gaudy linoleum rolls of the past. Modern vinyl flooring utilises cutting-edge printing technology to create designs that look like timber and stone that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They come in an enormous array of natural-looking designs and will bring your rental property straight into the 21st century.

Loose-lay vinyl tiles are a type of vinyl flooring that simply clips together, and the tiles can be installed directly on to any existing hard flooring, such as tiles or linoleum. This makes them perfect for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Because they're not fixed to the floor with an adhesive, you can simply lift them up and take them with you when it's time to move house.

Carpet tiles

When you think of carpet tiles, images of the cheap, utilitarian, acrylic carpet squares used in offices and village halls may be what springs to mind. The thought of putting these in your bedroom or lounge room probably doesn't seem very appealing. However, modern carpet tiles have left the scratchy, plastic look and feel well in the past.

Modern carpet tiles come in a huge range of stylish designs, piles, and colours. Opt for a tile that is designed specifically for residential use. They don't need to be as durable as ones used in heavy traffic industrial settings, so they're softer and more comfortable to walk, sit or play on. As is the case with vinyl floor tiles, you can install carpet tiles yourself with ease directly onto any existing surface and remove them just as easily when you leave the property.

The quality of flooring makes a huge impact on the look and feel of a home. With these two simple and non-permanent flooring solutions, there's no need to put up with crimes against flooring in your rental property.