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Five Fun Ideas for Installing Carpet Tiles in Your Kids' Playroom

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Carpet tiles are gaining popularity because they are easy to install and an interesting alternative to the traditional roll of carpet, but they can also be super fun. That's what makes them great for kids' bedrooms and playrooms in particular. Looking for ideas? Here are five fun carpet tile ideas to consider for your kids' playroom:

1. Create a multi-coloured design.

With carpet tiles, you can choose your kids favourite colours or even every colour in the rainbow, and you can create a custom multi-coloured design for their floor. Depending on what strikes your fancy, you can create diagonal lines, geometric patterns or a striped effect. If solid colours aren't your thing, you can mix and match carpet tiles with animal prints.

2. Explore different textures.

If you have child who loves sensory engagement, take it the floor with textured tiles. Unlike carpet, you don't have to choose a single texture for the entire floor. You could have some tiles with low rough pile alternating with tiles featuring high, soft shag pile. Alternatively, you could choose tiles that each feature a mixture of high and low fibres and arrange them in a way that creates a sensory walkway through your playroom.

3. Choose playful tiles.

Carpet tiles designed for kids come in a range of designs. You can pick ones with drawings of animals or fire trucks on them, but you can also find carpet tiles that inspire your kids to play. For  example, there are city and road carpet tiles complete with with little roads or railway tracks for your kids to drive their cars and trains over.

Alternatively, you can use regular tiles to create games on your floor. For example, arrange coloured tiles in a hopscotch pattern or make an extra-large floor checkerboard.

4. Make a lily pad effect.

Carpet tiles don't have to cover the whole floor. If you are installing them over a floor that has a nice finish, you can allow some of it to shine through. In a kids' room, get playful and buy circular carpet tiles in bright colours. Then, arrange them all over the floor. They give the playroom or bedroom floor a polka dot effect.

5. Build your own rug.

Finally, you can use carpet tiles to build a rug for your child. Best of all, if one of the panels gets spilled on, urinated on or encounters any other type of kid accident, you don't have to replace the whole rug. You just have to replace that tile.

For more inspiration and ideas, contact a carpet tile professional.