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4 Secrets about Wood Finishes

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Wooden floors are extremely popular nowadays because they offer a decent balance between price and quality and are significantly easier to install than stone tiles. They are also extremely versatile and can make your home look attractive and appealing. Besides regular maintenance and cleaning, floor sanding is necessary in order to increase the longevity and enhance the look of your wooden floor. Once the sanding process has been completed, the floor is ready for a finish. Here are 4 secrets that you need to know about wood finishes.

Secret No. 1: The Importance of Wood Finishes

The first secret has to do with the importance of applying wood finishes to the floor. Once the floor is sanded, you must take into consideration the application of any wood finish. Without a finish, the floor is extremely vulnerable to deterioration. Not only will a finish prevent swelling and cracking of the floor, but it will also ultimately enhance its appearance.

Secret No. 2: Safety

When dealing with any type of wood finish, you must understand that they are extremely dangerous under the wrong circumstances. They usually contain chemicals that are capable of permanently damaging your skin if you ignore the safety precautions. Any floor restoration professional will know to use protective glasses, surgical gloves and other safety equipment when dealing with these materials.

Secret No. 3: Surface and Penetrating Finishes

There is a huge variety of finishes available of wood finishes, but these ultimately can be divided into two categories: surface finishes and penetrating finishes.

A surface finish includes options such as varnish and shellac, and provides a long lasting protective wood coating. While they might be more durable than penetrating finishes, they often don't look as natural. Penetrating finishes offer a natural, striking look and generally have a shorter life span than their counterparts. Some possibilities include Danish, Tung and linseed oils.

Secret No. 4: The Application Method

Secret four has to do with the application method of any finish, whether you must use foam brushes, synthetic brushes or cloths. It is vital to use the correct application process, which can vary depending on the type of finish that you use. This is why it is important to invest time to consult with a local reputable floor restoration professional before starting to apply the coating yourself.

The secrets mentioned above offer you the opportunity of being well-informed when approaching any project involving wood floors. This will result in a superior result that will last much longer. Businesses like Floor Craft often provide sanding and restoration services, so be sure to consult with a professional to learn about your finishing options. Because wood floors are extremely sophisticated, it is that much more important to choose the right finish in order to create a stunningly elegant design.